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Video production briefing form

Please complete this form so we can provide a quote for your video/s.

Project background and objectives

Start by describing why you need a video/s in the first place. Is it part of a larger campaign or initiative? What specific outcome are you hoping to achieve?

Try to avoid broad phrases such as “to educate”, “to inform”, or even to “increase awareness”. Instead, focus on changes in behaviour which can be measured. For example, what would happen as a result of “increased awareness”?

Target audience

It’s best to focus on one primary audience per video, although it’s okay to have a secondary or tertiary audience in some cases.

Perhaps you have already created personas for your organisation? Share details here or email us a link to any relevant files.

Key message(s)

What are your key messages you want to get across in the video/s? It can be helpful to list them as your primary and secondary messages etc.

Try to define the key message/s for each specific video, not just the messages of the broader campaign.


Videos should be contextual and platform-specific, whenever possible. Based on your target audience, consider where they are likely to consume this content. Which social channels do they use? Or perhaps the video will be shown at a live event?

If the primary use of your videos is social ads, then please indicate this here as well.


Is there a specific deadline you are working towards? When do you need the final files?

Budget range

Any other considerations?

Please let us know if you have any further comments or considerations we should know about with this project.